Integrity Risk Screening

Each day your business is exposed to third-party risk from suppliers, vendors, agents and partners. Do you really know who you are doing business with and the risks they present?

Greater efficiencies combining affordable risk identification with high-caliber due diligence can’t come fast enough to today’s compliance marketplace. We has the necessary experience, expertise, and access to the appropriate compliance tools to ensure that our clients build and operate a compliance environment that is comprehensive, consistent, perpetual, and fully fit for purpose.

Doing business with the wrong third party can be extremely detrimental to your business. Any action taken by regulators enforcing legislation such as the FCPA and UKBA will be costly, invasive, and reputationally devastating.

IntegrityRisk simplifies third-party compliance and provides our clients with greater visibility, transparency, and assurance that their regulatory requirements are met for 100 percent of their business partners, all of the time.

Learn about end-to-end third-party screening through our partnership with Lextegrity.

Justin White

“We know our clients are often pressed for time and, as such, our goal is to provide them with the information they need in a well-written and well-presented report each and every time.”

JUSTIN WHITE Senior Vice President

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Tangled Up in Third-Party Screening Knots?

Tangled Up in Third-Party Screening Knots?



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